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DREAM attitude

DREAM Attitude Brush Cleanser

DREAM Attitude Brush Cleanser

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Powerful acrylic memory cleaner for antique brushes Keep your nail brushes in top condition with Dream Attitude Nail Brush Cleaner 100 ML. Our brush cleaners are specially designed to strongly remove stubborn acrylic residue from brush wells. Return your brushes to pristine condition and make sure to use them properly and accurately every time. Soothe and protect - Protect your brush bristles Protect your precious brush bristles with Dream Attitude Nail Brush Cleaner. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your brush. Our cleaner is chemical-free, and doesn’t dry out or cause your bristles to fall out. Make sure your brushes stay soft, smooth and ready to apply flawless nail art. Brush longevity - Regular cleaning is key Get the most out of your investment by extending the life of your nail brush. Regular cleaning with our Nail Brush Cleaner significantly extends the life of your brushes and tools. Say goodbye to dry eyes and dry eyes. Embrace our cleaner for brushes that will stand the test of time. Reduce the spread of bacteria - Apply clean nail polish A clean brush is a powerful brush. Our nail brush cleaner significantly reduces the spread of bacteria when nail art is used. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance, and our cleaners make sure your brushes are free of harmful contaminants. Maintain high hygiene standards in your nail art process with Dream Attitude.

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